Located in Sydney’s Gladesville

The Art of Cooking

Whipping up authentic Neapolitan pizzas, Anema e Core Pizzeria has locals buzzing. A meeting point for the city’s biggest pizza lovers, this local Italian restaurant prides itself of their traditional dishes. At Anema e Core you can also enjoy authentic homemade Italian pastas & antipasto, including a array of beautiful important wines. The friendly staff and the charming furnishings give the restaurant an inviting feel, which has locals coming back again and again. Anema e Core Pizzeria can be found on 1-3 Wharf Road in Sydney’s Gladesville.

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Si chiama anima, si dice anema. Perché nell’anema c’è la ragione che fa suonare le emozioni, solleticare un sorriso, suscitare un ricordo



We take great care in choosing
what ingredients we use

We Created best dinning experience for you & your family

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Do you remember the last time you had a really good pizza?
At Anema e Core a truly great dining experience is when all our guest’s needs are both anticipated and met for them, resulting in 100 percent satisfaction. We always strive to make every moment memorable. Great hospitality is about making each guest’s dining experience memorable.


  • As an Italian I have to admit this is one of the best pizza I have ever had in my life! Dough is light and perfectly cooked, ingredients are fresh and genuine! We had mixed appetisers as well and they were unbelievable. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, good for families but in the same time could be very good for a romantic dinner too! If you want to know how a real Italian pizza taste, try Anema e Core Pizzeria, an authentic Italian place very close to the city!
  • Elegant and thoughtful staff made my experience here very worthwhile, to the point that even the pizza that's cooked takes much less time to prepare than serving a nutella donut! I was actually not expecting the donut to be so delicately dressed, but their presentation and additional sweetening was just sublime. You can really feel the 'heart and soul' in every interaction that they have, a delight to see the staff engage so wonderfully with their diners.
  • Best pizza's in Sydney!!! All of the dishes i have had here were amazing too. Cannot wait for my next visit
  • Hands down my favourite pizzeria in Sydney. Authentic napolu pizza and fruednly staff. Now that they serve wine and beers, what else could anyone ask for!
  • Wow the pizza's in this place are the best. Highly recommend this place. Definite 5 Stars
  • My favourite Italian restaurant in Sydney. Pizza is a must and staff are super friendly.
  • Myself, my partner, friends and family have never been disappointed and keep coming back. Perfect pizza.
  • Absolutely amazing! Best pizza! Ordered the 4 cheese pizza, soooo good. The cheese they used is delicious, and the pizza dough is so light. The antipasti dish is packed with goodies, not the usual one that got a few small pieces and charge you an arm and a leg, serving is generous. Also ordered squid ink pasta, also good, not as outstanding as the pizza but still very good, lots of fresh seafood. Service is very attentive too. Very happy, will be back.